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Some people reading this article will be a bit disgusted. Others are confused and actually looking for legitimate information on hair removal for anus. This is a serious issue and there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Problems with Hair

Ok, the truth is that ass hair gets messy. Solid waste gets trapped in the strands causing soiled underwear and lingering smells. More toilet paper is needed to clean up and most suffers need additional time to cleanse thoroughly, sometimes with water and moist towelettes.

For athletes, the hair traps sweat which can lead to discomfort, chaffing and even infection when hairs are ripped out (those bicycle seats can hurt). Methods to Remove hair From Down There No matter what method or combination of methods you choose for the removal of hair, be careful in the area. The skin around the sphincter is very soft and sensitive and can easily be torn. With the amount of fecal bacteria in the area, open skin lesions are prone to infection.

Hair removal methods that work on other parts of the body, such as waxing, should not be done around the anus.

Hair Removal Options

Waxing Waxing can be done between the cheeks, on the scrotum and perineum but keep it away from the poop-chute. Not only can the skin be damaged as the cloth & wax is ripped off, but the exposed root follicles can get clogged with fecal waste and become infected.

Hair Epilation Do you really want to yank multOPTe hairs out from down there? Ouch!

Shaving - Of all the places not to nick or cut, this is would be the one. Don't even try.

Depilatory Creams Special hair removal creams with less harsh chemicals are available for the nether region. However, these are a bit more expensive and may not be mild enough for very sensitive skin.

If there is any burning irritation, wash it off immediately. And ensure that the lotion is only applied outside of the sphincter and that it stays external. Since the hair is removed only at the surface area, there is less of a chance for the hair follicles to become infected. Ensure to exfoliate the skin regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.

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