Special Care

Our unique understanding of Eastern and Western philosophies regarding Masseuses physical characteristics gives us the ability to provide a service to meet the special needs of your. Also We have developed unique and exotic spa treatments to reflect the beauty, spirit and traditions of a vast number of cultures. Our belief is simply to combine every treatment with a natural, ultimate ending - your pleasure.

Thai Herbal Massage:

This variation of traditional Thai Massage that for centuries was used only in the Royal Thai Palaces uses only hand, thumbs and body weight balance to deliver the service. It is based on the princOPTes of acupressure and involves working on the body's energy lines to release blocks that are said to cause discomfort and disease. Specially prepared warm herbal compresses, Luk Pra Kob, are also applied to help draw out toxins and promote circulation.

Price: 30' ��180

Milk Baths:

Balance your sense in floral bath, inflamed skin will be treated by milk. This is a pampering and elegant experience that soothes and relaxes your body. Ideal before a very special occasion.

Price: 30' ��180 |60' ��300

Body Scrub:
Milk Herbal Body Scrub:

A full body scrub treatment combines Herbal and milk property to create a refreshing experi-ence your skin will feet smooth. eliminating dry skin and refining the skins texture. and removes dead cells.

Price: 30' ��180

Perfect ESPA Salt Scrub:

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts to leave your skin . helps boost the metabolism, moisturised and feeling silky and glowing.

Price: 30' ��180

Signature SPA Pedicure

The ultimate pedicure, A luxurious, marine-inspired facial for the feet, which features a 3 step exfoliation process of beach sand, sea salt and alpha-hydroxy acid, followed by a rejuvenating and hydrating marine-algae foot masque, and award winning Cucumber Heel Therapy to relieve dry, cracked heels.

Price: 50' ��280

Hand Care

Paraffin wax hand care with massage according.Popular treatment of the tired hands, exfoliation, massage, warm hand bath, for the soft and silky feeling. Applying the proper Outcall Service at home makes the cosmetic treatment even more effective.

��r: 4320 Ft


Great for body detoxification, improves the immune system, reduces cellulite, stimulates blood circulation, and removes dead cells. It is great for acne, eczema and other skin conditions. Due to perspiration induced by the heat, it ensures body detoxification and the skin becomes firmer and smoother. Used before cosmetic treatments, it increases their efficiency. Promotes healthy tone and texture for the skin and mildly cleanses it.

Price: 1350 HUF / person


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